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Migrating data between different storage infrastructures is a real challenge for IT departments. Incompatibilities in utilizing host-based and disk-array tools, coupled with the associated impact to productive IT environments means that data migration is often a lengthy and costly activity, and often prohibitive in today’s “always-on” business requirements.

An ongoing requirement for faster and more efficient access to data by business units drives IT to implement the latest storage infrastructure technology to keep ahead of the competition. Additionally, the introduction of new business applications is accelerating, and with-it data is distributed and reorganized on a frequent basis, dictating, in turn, that data migration is becoming a more frequent discipline for IT. The requirement for rapid, efficient migration of data, whilst maintaining maximum data availability to the business is becoming increasingly sought after.
Our Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases quickly and securely. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database.
Customer’s benefits:
Rapid migration with no application downtime.·         
Zero impact to server hosts, as it is fully storage-based.         
Migration between storage devices from many vendors, independent of drive sizes and RAID configurations.
Retained data integrity through block-level data migration.

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