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Collaborative Content Management

With the spike in the number of documents and other types of content that is generated by organizations, it is becoming an increasing challenge for them to fully utilize and manage the value that this content holds, as they can quickly lose track of the generated documents and it gets quite costly to regenerate the lost documents. 

Our Content Management Solution allows organizations to discover, capture, manage and dispose of all types of documents. This gives employees easier access to documents while maintaining and enforcing strict security measurements that ensure each individual will only have access to documents as per the role and privileges assigned to them.

Our Content Management Solution helps our clients to solve the below challenges:

Managing Paper Files.   
Duplicate Files/Cases. 
Sharing Physical Files.
Manual Processes slow.
Process Steps Skipped.
Real-Time Management Information. 
Correct Document Classification.
Enforcing Retention Policies.
Timely Disposition of Information.
Too long to locate documents.
Locating Information Regardless of the source.
Administering Different Systems.
Interfacing with Different Vendors.
Maintaining Multiple Skill Sets.

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